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Here is some information, the typical About me, as an engineer and pilgrim… not even a summary but enough to put you in context. As for my work, I leave you a link to my profile on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

I work as Manager of Innovation and Technology Scouting and Advisory at NTT Data. In addition, I am on leave at the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (ITAINNOVA).

As you can imagine, technology and always learning are an important part of my life. When I’m not working, traveling and walking, especially on the Camino de Santiago, are other passions of mine.

Lately I’ve been using Medium as a source of content with varying degrees of technical depth. I consider myself a restless engineer so I leave you my profile so you can see what I’m interested in (claps & highlights):

I also leave you some info about the no-code platform that is allowing me to keep learning and applying Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to a multitude of challenges in my day to day life: KNIME Analytics Platform.

In this section I will update the news on the topics of interest. I use Flipboard quite a bit as a news aggregator and save what I find most curious during my reading there. I leave you the link to the magazines that I have created as a repository in case you find them interesting and want to collaborate.

  • AI/IA, Cloud & Natural Interfaces. Since the beginning of my working life I have always been attracted to the relationship with technology in a transparent way. Maybe because of my trekkie side but I understood that technology is nothing in itself without the purpose of helping us in something.
  • Industrial AR & VR Use Cases. I have been saving articles here for some time now in the sense I was saying before: not focusing on the technology per se but on the use case, in this case more industrial/business, and how it affects both organizations and users/workers.
  • Collaborative Innovation. After, during (or before I’m not sure anymore) finishing the International Executive Master in Open Innovation and Intrapreneurship (MINN) I became aware of how much I was interested in everything related to organizational changes and how technology, now called Digital Transformation, affects these processes.