New tricks

Maybe it’s the curious or restless part but I’m always looking to learn new things, “new tricks for an old dog” 😎, whether it’s for my work, to document my hobbies or to explore new fields. It is true that in recent times, this has accelerated due to my work.

new tricks #mapbox #knime #caminodesantiago #aragón #visualization
Visualization of the Way of St. James through Aragon using mapbox and KNIME

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Generative AI (GenAI), and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The opportunities being generated in this field continue to amaze me every day. Platforms such as Huggingface which makes available hundreds of language models Open Source or OpenAI with its models GPT4-Turbo or GPT4-V, Google with Gemini, Anthropic with Claude3 allow you to think of applications that were not possible until just a few months ago, including the software development life cycle (SDLC).

I will be describing different tests and analysis based on these techniques along with no-code tools like this one with Orange.

No Code / Codeless / Low Code Tools

For someone who is eager to learn and try new things, having tools that accelerate that learning and allow you to go deeper in an agile way and without the dependencies of having to generate code is essential. In this sense, the discovery of platforms such as KNIME, Orange, Dataiku, AppGyver, PowerApps or DataStudio has allowed me to take a leap forward in terms of the type of data access and analysis capabilities that were previously out of reach.

Some new tricks

  1. 3D visualization of all the stages of the different Caminos de Santiago: KNIME, mapbox, IGN
  2. Horizon 2020 European projects database CORDIS: Google Data Studio.